Reclaimed Wood Construction

At Off-Grid Living & Design we love to use reclaimed materials for construction when we can! This includes all types of wood such as live edge slabs, rustic barn wood, pallet wood, natural logs, and other woods that have special character. I believe that any building project should reflect the builder and buyer and be something special. A home without character is basically a financial prison devoid of creativity. We are changing that!

Humans are not robots! Nature is your friend! That’s why I love reclaimed wood because no two boards are alike and nature has a special way of creating character. No two people are alike and our environments create who we are. Reclaimed wood has a story as well – where it came from, how you found, what it was before, how it was used. Building with this wood makes the entire project come to life. Most people enjoy something that has unique character as it makes your imagination wander.

If you have a project that needs reclaimed and unique woods, contact us. If we don’t have it, I can get it. If you have a supply of unique woods give us a shout! We are always looking for new materials, ideas, and uses for reclaimed wood. Stay tuned as we post¬† on this website and on our Facebook page.


Joshua Kapellusch

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