It all starts with an awakening in which one questions the purpose of life. Why am I living my life the way I am? What things are important to me in life? How did life get so crazy?

These philosophical questions raise awareness to certain aspects of our lives that do not make sense. And many of the answers to these questions result in living a more simple lifestyle, that is in balance with nature.

This is where Off-Grid Living & Design began. Joshua Kapellusch the founder, has a very diverse and technical background in life. From working on full-scale farms to designing high-tech vehicles that run on multiple fuels, he is able to develop and implement unique solutions on the most challenging projects. His passion for living off-grid, minimizing wastes, and exploring new opportunities allows people to find balance. Off-Grid Living & Design is about making technology work for you., rather than you working for technology. Read More about Joshua D. Kapellusch

Defining your off-grid experience is where it starts. Some people want to live as far in the woods as possible, while others want to live in town, but be disconnected from the grid. Joshua can find that best balance for your ultimate happiness. We work with recycled materials, focus on sustainable farming, and use technology like solar to power our lives. Our philosophy is to provide the best service with integrity so you are able choose the most optimal path forward.

We would love to help you on your journey to becoming happier in daily life and more independent from things you want less of in life. Contact us today at 423.414.8233.