What does it mean to be “Off-Grid”?

First recognizing that being connected to the ‘grid’ somehow impairs the human spirit. When we mindlessly go day to day without thinking about all our modern conveniences and where they come from, we lose something. So many people can wake up, go to work, and then return home without knowing where their water, food, and energy comes from. We spend time with technology and in places we often do not question. When we begin to question these things, we open the door to caring about the source of our energies.

Going ‘Off-Grid’ means to disconnect from sources of energy that are not positive – for our bodies and our environment. You can start by making clean solar power from the sun – electrical energy not from coal or nuclear plants. Then move to grow a garden and eat food that is healthy, knowing it is not ‘genetically engineered’, doused with chemicals, and not transported by dirty diesel trucks for thousands of miles. The more you care, the more you can do to create a happy and healthy lifestyle for yourself and family. It means to focus on what is important for our lives day-to-day and for the future.

We at Off-Grid Living & Design can get you started on your journey to a balanced, and health lifestyle.

Our Services for Off-Grid include:

Solar InstallationsOff-Grid, Hybrid, and Grid-Tied. Based on your goals, budget, and timeline we develop a custom solar project that will meet your needs. There are many options and we strive to present a custom solution to your energy needs.

Alternative Fuels – For Vehicles and Generators. Natural gas and Propane are excellent primary or backup fuels for engines of all sizes. Vehicles such as trucks, cars, and some equipment can operate on these fuels in a bi-fuel mode or fully dedicated.

Generators – Need a back up source of power? We can integrate standard generators to your system when the grid goes down. Simple storms can wipe out the grid for hours or days. With your own source of power, you will never worry about going too long without the convenience of electricity.

Wind and Hydro Power – Ever wonder how much energy you could be producing from the wind or a small stream? We can help integrate a system that will advance your power production potential. Large or small we can help you figure out what will work best for you. Business