I have had a quiet rapture of discovery in joy relating to healing, life, and our purpose on this planet as humans. We can all certainly agree that the world is not what it used to be, and we are responsible as individuals to at least live balanced lives and be as happy as possible without causing harm or disruption to others and their happiness. Some call it the pursuit of happiness or the journey of life in which we experience other people and nature simultaneously every day, evolving individually and collectively to create a better world despite new challenges. Additionally, we shall give back to nature as it freely gives to us, respect it and it provides, destroy it and we will certainly all die or at least not live fully. Nature does, and always will recover – human industrialization and greed is robbing our futures. However futile our individual efforts in the grand scheme, we are all responsible as human beings.

Philosophy aside, this equates to living like American Indians did, but with wifi and technology.

Tiny homes, off-grid, local food and living, human connections, natural healing, modern medicine, and overall human care and compassion with an emphasis on, and a philosophy in an ideology that we are living to create greater value for others and ourselves with respect to nature, while learning lessons and sharing our experiences both good and bad. That is what I am about.

Business is fairly straight forward. “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vince Lombardy. This is true in business too; hard work with a good plan that mitigates risk will generate value especially combined with real-estate. Working together, idea sharing, risk management, and value sharing with a purpose is achievable with the right mix of people, assets, and talent combine with market opportunity. The rest they say is history…

Life can be defined somewhat simply as movement. Even microscopically when things are cooled to the nearest absolute zero point; I believe the definition of whether something is alive or dead begins at ‘if there is movement?’. The point is we cannot achieve our maxim by preserving our own lives by freezing still, or other’s. That is why we have seasons that renew our souls. The pond that cools in summers allows for cold reflections in the winter. Nature moves us, human connections move us, the only things that do not move are our homes and communities and I believe we have this wrong as humans because we are not meant to be fixed to the grid or jammed into fixed societies. We must travel, live, learn, and explore to move and create the most life we can, while we are able. This is what technology is supposed to be allowing us to do.Technology is actually causing us to move less, and therefore we are living less. We now stare at screens while sitting, communicate with our finger tips, moving the least.

The placebo effect of traditional ‘medicine found in bottles’ cures approximately 1/3 of illness *(according to a youtube video I watched). The point is, we are all healers in life in different capacities: balanced between the natural sciences of life and our spiritual lives. If we believe we are getting better, we can get better. If we believe we are living better lives, we will live better lives. The science with natural eating and living matches the spirit of natural living and eating. It works and so therefore any natural business that has an overall healthy intention of doing good and creating the maximum value for the creators and investors, naturally reduces overall risk. Further, if the customers and participants generate ‘participative value’ for themselves and others, then the network of a new living age is born centered on respect, honesty, and hard work to live with nature and other humans.

I have crafted robust, achievable plans for developing unique, off-grid communities. Moving forward in this journey I do not intend to work alone as I have in the past on my quest for intentional discovery of balance. I am looking for great partners and would love to learn more about how we can work together!

Thank you,

Joshua D. Kapellusch