Harness the Power of the Earth!

Harnessing the power of the earth is not too difficult with modern technologies such as solar panels or modules, and wind turbines or generators. Its pretty simple: solar energy is converted into DC power and regulated into batteries for storage in an off-grid system – a wind turbine spins with the wind’s energy and turns rotary motion into DC power for storage in batteries.

A good thing about having a dual energy system is that when the sun is not shining there is usually some wind, and thus you can still make power. Also, the wind can blow all night leaving your batteries fully charged. A wind turbine is basically battery insurance and gives you a back up for the solar. Additionally, you could add a rain water generator for maximum power!

A simple inverter converts the stored DC power into 120 or 240 volt power for anything from charging your phone to running an electric oven!

Look over the photos and contact us with any questions. From full off-grid homes to small tree houses we can design and build any off-grid power system. WE LOVE IT! 423.414.8233

Joshua Kapellusch

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