Downsize, Reorganize, and Prioritize What You Need

Removing clutter and moving into a small space (like a tiny home) can eliminate the need for other drastic changes in living options for your happiness. Living tiny is about needing less in life. Incorporating the things that add value to your life is important, but sometimes eliminating the things that take value away is more important.

Less stuff = More happiness!

I experimented with this very concept almost 3 years ago. I dreamed of getting rid of all the things I owned except for the most important items. For the first year I decided to put things in storage in case I didn’t like tiny living. After a year, I decided to go full time and got rid of most everything I owned.

My next challenge was to live off-grid, meaning to not use electrical power from the grid or be hooked up to anything. Now that I have made it a year, I believe the growth I experienced can be taught to others for their unique journey. I want to help you.

Solar power is vital for electrical energy. Balancing your system design is important for reliable power in all seasons. Rain water collection can be tricky, but with trial and error is can be a great source of water. Downsizing even more is a challenge as you ask yourself, what can I live without and still be happy?

Each person has their limit in terms of how little they can live with, and what challenges they want to meet each day. We are here to help you on your journey, no matter how tiny you start. We want to offer our services to make your tiny home or off-grid dreams come true. Call or email me with any questions you have.

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