Living “Off-Grid” is about disconnecting from distractions, and connecting with yourself and nature. Modern society has led us to believe that ‘more is more’. Factually, less is more and we help you figure out what things you need less of, and implement the things you need. Make technology work for you, rather than working for technology! Let us help you find that perfect balance… Learn More


The point of life is to connect with the things that make you happy… people, places, and things that add value to your life. Working too much for things you never have time to enjoy is a waste of time. The people in your life are the most important focus you have so spend your time with them building memories. Technology and advancements are making it possible for you to create a better life, and we are here to help. Learn More


Finding that perfect balance in life requires some precise planning, and flawless execution. We take the worry out of getting you to where you want to be. Careful consideration about the design and implementation of your dreams is our desire. Whether its interiors, exteriors, or land usages we have you covered. With a focus on sustainable practices and materials, we deliver an excellent balance that always delights. Learn More


Begin the journey to happiness…

Experience matters when it comes to your happiness. Considering your needs and focusing on your vision allows us to implement what you have dreamed about. Take the first steps to living off the grid, in a tiny home, or at least bringing some “off-grid” technology into your life today by contacting us today. We start with a simple ‘vision consultation’ to begin. We then build a realistic and achievable plan to move you closer to a happier life you deserve. Contact us today!

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